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A Collection of Practical Tips from the
HashiCorp Community

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what's inside the book?

Let the knowledge flow!! In this book, you'll find tips and tricks from IT professionals with a tremendous amount of experience with Vault in the real world. From customers to consultants to HashiCorp ambassadors and employees, this book is designed to unlock and share the tribal knowledge gained for deploying and managing HashiCorp Vault. Each contributor provides useful tips for both new and experienced Vault operators. Discover the secrets of automating Vault, writing policies, managing Day 2 operations, and much more.

About the editer

Bryan Krausen

Bryan Krausen is a Senior Consultant with over 20 years in enterprise IT. He has taught over 60,000 students through online courses and in-person training events. Bryan often speaks at community events, such as HashiConf (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022), HashiTalks (2019, 2020), and many HashiCorp User Groups across the mid-west and the eastern US.

Book Contributors

This book includes contributions from some of the most talented and experienced folks in the industry. Each contributor was hand-selected from my vast network of Vault customers, consultants, and HashiCorp ambassadors and employees.Check Out Some of the Contributors Below

Brian Mcdonald

Brian McDonald is a Senior Solutions Consultant with over 4 years of experience designing, implementing, and integrating HashiCorp Vault for large enterprises. He has earned all associate level, Vault Operations Pro and Vault Expert certifications from HashiCorp, in addition to the AWS Security Specialist.

Yoko Hyakuna

Yoko is a Product Education Engineering Manager at HashiCorp who focuses on building hands-on tutorials and writing reference documentation for Vault and Boundary. She has been writing Vault tutorials over the last 5+ years and is very passionate about enabling practitioners to adopt cloud-native technology without sacrificing security.


Rob Barnes, also known as DevOps Rob, is a security focused software engineer from a DevOps background with over a decade of experience spanning multiple sectors. He is also the co-host of the cloud security podcast HashiCast: Keepin' It Secure. Rob currently plays his trade at HashiCorp as a Senior Developer Advocate and has been working with Vault at different scales for several years across multiple enterprises.

Adeel Ahmad

Adeel is a Strategic Advisor to executives and leadership in cloud transformation. He helps organizations manifest and realize the Cloud Operating Model by driving the Cloud Consumption Model.

elif samedin

Elif Samedin is a Senior DevOps Engineer having experience in designing, implementing and supporting IT Infrastructures at scale. She often delivers talks at conferences such as HashiTalks, HashiConf, All Day DevOps, and organizes community events such as BucharestHUG. She elegantly wears the Red Hat (Certified Architect and Instructor alongside).

over 20 expert contributors

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced HashiCorp Vault user, you're sure to find tips, tricks, or advice that you can use in your environment.

Thank you to the book contributors

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